Children Courses – YCT/ GCSE & A-level Course 

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What are your teaching materials?

All our teacher materials are exclusively designed by our group of teacher’s experts, who is currently teaching Mandarin in the UK independent schools or public schools with years of teaching experience. Our teacher team consists of Head of Mandarin, examiner for the GCSE and A-level examination etc…. Our aim is to increase our student’s study efficiency so that they can learn Mandarin in a more effective, interesting, and engaging learning environment. Therefore, while we designed our teaching syllabus based on the UK’s current curriculum, we make sure to take out the lengthy and unnecessary teaching content so that there will be unnecessary time wasting.


How do you identify my kids’ level and put him in the suitable lesson?

We will arrange a free trial lesson for your kid and during the lesson, our teacher will examine your kid’s current level and assign him/her to the most suitable learning group according to their levels. There will be rigorous and preschool assessment enable us to identify the student’s level more accurately and enable us to deliver the lesson accordingly.


Who are the teachers?

We have a group of teaching experts, as some of them is currently teaching Mandarin in the UK independent schools or public schools with years of teaching experience. Our teacher team consists of Head of Mandarin, examiner for the GCSE and A-level examination etc…. Our teachers hold education degrees from top UK universities. They have rich teaching experience here in the UK, and a thorough understanding of UK students' needs. Our teachers also equipped with intensive knowledge and experience in A-level and GCSE exams. They also keep a close eye on the most updated trends and information on major Mandarin exams and can update their teaching plans accordingly.


Do you have any textbooks for my kids?

We do not have any textbooks for your kids, however, as we designed our own customized teaching syllabus and teaching materials, therefore, we will provide your kids with external learning materials to help them after the lesson. 


If I think that I am not suitable for the class in the middle of the lesson, what will be the solution?

We will try to investigate the reason behind it. If it is the teacher’s teaching styles and problems, then we will allocate you to another class with the same level but different teacher which will not affect your learning progress at all. Alternatively, we will suggest you take the customize lesson with the other teacher of your choice in order to provide you with the best learning experience.


Do we have homework after each lesson?

It will depend on the course that you have chosen to study with us. Some courses are designed to have homework which will help you to improve significantly throughout the week.


How to provide feedback to the teachers?

We will provide a feedback form to the student after each lesson and we are expecting to received feedback for each week so that our teacher will amend and improve accordingly in order to provide you with exceptional learning experience.


Will the teacher provide feedback to me?

Yes, our teacher is requested to provide feedback to the students regularly according to their overall learning progress and performance.


How can I contact my tutor?

You can always reach out to your personal study advisor anytime should you have any enquiries outside the classroom, of course not during the middle of the night.


Is the safety guaranteed?

Yes 100% guaranteed! We provide our students with high technologies teaching platform that will ensure a safe and sound learning environment. You will need permission to enter the classroom and only those who sign up is able to join in. Our teachers have their DBS check done and safeguarding training certificate. Apart from that, with no travel needed, it will minimize the time and travel danger.


Is the learning experience guaranteed?

All our class is in small size with not more than 8 students along with high interactivity and effectiveness. After first lesson, if you think that the lesson is not suitable for you, you will be given a full refund including the first lesson you have attended.


Is my kid’s examination result guaranteed if he wishes to sit for the exam?

Once you attend the course, you are guaranteed with achieving A- A* in all level examination from young learner YCT to adult learner (HSK).