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Who is YAN Chinese ACADEMY?

YAN Chinese Academy is an online Mandarin education brand which affiliated to Zerone Education & Training Ltd. It is a comprehensive and well-developed Mandarin Language Academy that integrates the UK pre-examination training, Mandarin Language proficiency test and international Mandarin Teacher Training Programme (CTTP). The Mandarin Language Teaching Scope covers to all age range which include Young Learners Chinese Test (YCT), Mandarin General Certificate of Secondary Education (Mandarin GCSE), Mandarin Advanced Level Examination (Mandarin A-level) and HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi). We aim to integrate the best quality Mandarin teaching resources in the UK, provides with the most outstanding and high efficiency Mandarin teaching model in the industry.


Where are you based?

We are based in London, United Kingdom. As we only offer online Mandarin courses now, therefore, we welcome all students from all around the world.


When are your courses run?

We run our courses 7 days a week to accommodate our students who have different availability and time zone. Please feel free to contact us for more details of our course timetable. 

If the timing for our group classes do not suit you, we will recommend you consider private tutoring. We have tutors available any time, seven days a week. We are confident enough to say that we able to put you in the class that best suit your timetable.


What is the curriculum?

We have our own well-designed exclusive curriculum, and all our teaching syllabus is original and condensed each level content based on the UK examination curriculum into one high efficiency learning syllabus. We tend to filter all the unnecessary and lengthy teaching content.

For 1 vs 1 curriculum, we will consult your learning interest and training goal before designing a bespoke curriculum to suit your need.


How many lessons do you have in a week?

It depends on the courses that you have with us. But normally for the group lesson, we tend to have it once a week, with duration between half an hour to 2 hours


What are the prices?

The prices are varying according to the course that you have with us. We have a detailed price lists in our official website which you can refer to, however I will also send you a more detailed information of price for each category. 

What kind of materials are you using?

We have our own developed and customized teaching materials which are suitable for all levels. They came in the format of PPT presentation, electronic materials, classroom worksheets, online classroom quizzes and learning content pack. We have a team of high qualified academic team who is responsible in upgrading and designing the teaching materials.


Can I trial before joining the lesson?

Yes, just simply request a trial lesson from our website or call us at 020 7653 1921.


What levels do you teach?

We teach all levels from young kids to adult, from beginner to higher levels. All our levels are designed to help you in sitting the equivalent test or otherwise.

Please find the level for each age group as follows:

  1. Young learner: Mandarin for kids and Mandarin words for kids are in-house designed specifically for our young learners to learn in a more fun and interactive ways which include songs, flash cards, games etc to improve the children interest in learning Mandarin.

  2. Kid: Our curriculum is specifically designed for students who are sitting for GCSE exam. The teaching syllabus allowed them to learn all the required knowledge in a more effective way and shorter period by eliminate the lengthy and unnecessary content.

  3. Teenager: All our curriculum is to help A-level students to prepare for their exam and provide them with more useful tips and guidance. We have designed our own curriculum based on the UK examination system and provide with extra help for the student in preparing for the examination.  

  4. Adult: We have our own customized teaching curriculum based on the HSK examination board. Different from the popular syllabus, we have component classes for listening, reading, writing and speaking, this way we enhance each student’s learning efficiency.


How many hours per session?

It depends on the course that you have chosen with us. The duration is between half an hour to 2 hours per week/section.

For the 1vs 1 customized lesson, it is designed for those who would like to have a private lesson with the teacher rather than having lessons with the others. The teacher will teach the student according to his/her progress throughout the lesson and the student's availability. It will be more flexible in terms of time and more effective in terms of duration.


If I am not able to attend the class, is there any way to replace the missing lesson?

We do not replace any missing lesson; however, you might be given the suggestion to join another class with the same level but with different time slot. Therefore, we hope that the students will join all the classes as we will provide a complete timetable for the student before the class starts. We aim to ensure that all the students can keep up with the progress at all time. Alternatively, we will have a personal study advisor who will help you to revise the missed lesson accordingly.


How does the customize course functions? Is it ok if I have it with my friends who has different language level compare with me?

it is designed if you would like to have your kid a private lesson with the teacher rather than having lessons in a group. In this case, the duration and number of classes per week will be decided between the teacher and the students accordingly. All the teaching materials will also be custom designed according to the student's interest and level. We would not suggest that the level is hugely different as it will affect the whole learning progress, however, our teacher is able to examine during the free trial lesson to see if it is possible. If not, we would suggest to not be in a group.


What is the function for the student advisor?

The student advisor will provide external academic support outside the lesson so that the student will receive extra support which enable them to improve greatly. If you are having any problem outside the lesson, feel free to get in touch with your personal study advisor, of course not during the middle of the night!


How do we book our lesson?

Step 1: Booking a free trial via website:

Step 2: Personal Advisor further consulting and assistant

Step 3: Attending the free trial lesson

Step 4: Completing the application form and payment

Step 5: Providing with the welcome pack

Step 6: Official starting the lesson with YAN Academy

Step 7: Attending the corresponding examination

Step 8: Finishing the course or continue for a higher grade with YAN Academy


What is the overall learning process?

Once you have enrolled with us, you will start your lesson according to the given timetable. During the learning process, there will be examination done regularly to further examine the student’s progress. After You have finished the whole level of course with us, you are encourage to continue to the next level of learning with us so that you are able to achieve in much more higher and advanced level in Mandarin. In addition to that, if you would like to sit in the exam, we will also assist you with the preparation and provide you with advice accordingly.


What is the timetable for the lesson?


We will provide you with the timetable once you have chosen to study with us. The timetable provided will be for the whole course level. Normally, for the group lesson, it will be once a week, the length will be in between 30 minutes to two hours according to the level of the course. For the customize lesson, it will vary depend on the student’s needs and request which will be decided between the teacher and the students.


How to proceed with the payment?

We only accept bank transfer now You can pay the tuition fees term by term, however, please complete the payment a week before the start date of the lesson. 


Can I pay by lesson?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do so, however, you can pay the tuition fees term by term.


Is there any refund policy?

After the first lesson, if you find out that the lesson is not suitable for your child, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson that you have attended. However, after the first lesson of the whole course, the refund is not applicable anymore.


Is it hard to learn Mandarin?

Not at all! If you choose to learn Mandarin with us, we will ensure that your learning progress will be FEE --- fun, easy, and effective! We always encourage our students to ask the teachers questions during the lesson bravely which will help you to improve greatly! We will ensure that you will not leave the classroom without learning any new things! Do not worry, our teachers are very friendly and could not wait to meet you😊