GCSE Chinese



Specifically designed for students who wish to sit GCSE examination


  • Small group class of 4-6 students.

  • Online learning with 100% safety guaranteed.

  • Two level of GCSE – G1 and G2. 

  • G1 – Aim for familiarizing all the vocabulary and grammar.

       (2 hours per week = 33 weeks of class). 

  • G2 – Aim for using the learnt words and knowledge for numerous mock exam.

       (1 hour per week = 33 weeks of lessons)

  • Extra member benefits: free learning materials,

       1 on 1 tutorial after class, after class and                         homework  support.

  • Free trial lesson available for each level.

Develop learner's linguistic skills, cultural awareness and critical thinking whilst providing Them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage


GCSE Chinese Curriculum


We have established an outstanding profile for the expertise in Chinese teaching and learning. We have been teaching Mandarin to non-native or native speakers specifically here in the UK, and the number of pupils is growing as the subject becomes more popular and embedded in the life of the UK and Global School.

Although Mandarin is regarded as one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn, we want to prove that to master Mandarin is not only possible but very enjoyable. Various topics are covered everyday activities, personal and social life, the world around us, the world of work and the international world. The skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing are developed at a steady pace. The students also have many opportunities to experience and learn about China’s rich history, traditions, philosophy, cuisine, and folk art.


Students who choose to do Mandarin as a beginner’s course are introduced to the language and culture. The course will focus on all four linguistic skills at a beginners’ level. Cultural elements are also embedded in the programme: students will be given or choose their own Chinese name, learn about Chinese festivals, learn about Chinese traditional food. By GCSE, the students will be literate in the language, able to hold their own in conversations and recognising signs and wording.


All pupils who have completed one year of Mandarin learning course, will be able to have opportunity take external YCT examination which is an international standardised Chinese Language test which measures the ability of non-native speakers such as foreign students and overseas Chinese.

In addition to that, we have designed of our own teaching syllabus which allowed the students to sit the GCSE Mandarin exam in less than two years by eliminate the lengthy and unnecessary content. Our in-house exclusive teaching syllabus will allow the students to learn Chinese in a more interesting and effective way without wasting any of the student’s time and effort.


As the only UK examination expert in Chinese GCSE, our Chinese lesson is taught by native speakers who obtain high qualification in teaching languages. With previous teaching Chinese experience in the UK independent schools, the teacher obtained with the high qualities teaching materials, sources, and qualities to deliver high exceptional Chinese learning experience.

Teaching Team


  • Our team of teacher posses with the follow qualification and experiences:

  • Years of teaching Chinese language both in the UK and in China

  • Native in Chinese

  • Possess higher education certificate from the UK top universities- Master in Education

  • CELTA Certificate

  • Safeguarding and First Aid training

  • DBS Check

  • Teaching Experience in the UK independent school’s Mandarin department.

Aim of taking GCSE Examination


Taking GCSE examination, you will:

(1) Able to learn the range of topics covered is much wider and more varied.

(2) Learn about different topics and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese cultural traditions.

(3) Provide with more engaging real-world focus content and evaluation.

(4) Able to communicate in the basic conversation with no barriers.


Taking GCSE Chinese examination:

1) Your result will be used as a reference for UK high school and university application.

2) It will improve the children’s ability to adapt in the British education which is a better way of academic transition between the Chinese and the British.

3) Improve the student’s language proficiency in a more comprehensive way.

4) Increase the opportunity and possibility to study in the UK high school and university.

Teaching Quality of GCSE Chinese course


Yan Chinese Academy GCSE Chinese courses focus on delivering high level of Chinese language learning that will help to improve your Mandarin skills in a more comprehensive ways and high efficiency ways in learning. Our exclusive designed programme will help your children to enhance the learning of GCSE Mandarin in a shorter time frame than usual.


After Class: Private Study advisor, after class supervision, well designed effective assessment after each lesson.


Class Size: 4-6 students, small size class with high interactivity and effectiveness


Satisfaction Guaranteed: After the first lesson, if you find out that the lesson is not suitable for your child, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson that you have attended.

More of our qualities

  1. Outstanding and High Qualities Teaching Professions

  2. Exclusive and Well-designed Teaching Syllabus

  3. Examination Result Guaranteed (Achieving A -A*)

  4. Pre School Assessment

  5. After Class Personal Supervision

  6. No Space and Time Restriction

  7. 100% Safe Learning Environment

  8. 100% Learning Satisfactory Guaranteed.

Our collaboration with the client schools


We had two Chinese teachers from Yan Chinese Academy for work experience. The teachers contributed positively to our little community and were very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their lessons which were of high quality; colleagues in the MFL department also enjoyed their input, sharing resources and ideas etc. We will happily receive more teachers from Yan again. ”

Buckswood School

​Prices & Curriculums

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Free Trial Class

During the FREE TRIAL CLASS you will meet one of our teachers who

will select a suitable teaching program for your future studies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
After the first lesson, if you find out that the lesson is not suitable for you, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson that you have attended.
 1-on-1 & small class lecture live online Chinese language learning for all ages
Yan Chinese Academy live online learning can offer private live one-on-one Mandarin Chinese lessons & small class lecture for you that will help achieve your specific Chinese learning goals. Our Chinese courses are based on your level, pace, and learning style. 
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