A-LEVEL Chinese Course


Specifically designed for students who wish to sit A-level examination

Develop learner's linguistic skills, cultural awreness and critical thinking whilst providing them with the tools to communicate and excel on a global stage


  • Small group class of 2-4 students

  • Online learning with 100% safety guaranteed.

  • Two level of A-LEVEL – A1 and A2

  • A1 – Aim for familiarizing all the vocabulary and grammar (1 hour per week = 33 weeks of lessons)

  • A2 – Aim for using the learnt words and knowledge for numerous mock exams.

      (1 hour per week = 33 weeks of lessons)

  • Extra member benefits: free learning materials, 1 on 1 tutorial after class, after class and homework support.


  • Free trial lesson available for each level.

A-level Chinese Curriculum


During the Sixth Form, students who choose to do the A-level have the option to take Mandarin at different levels (ab initio, IB SL/HL). It is a challenging and effective programme that by the end of the two-year course, students will have a sound knowledge of Mandarin and a deeper intercultural understanding.


A-level Chinese is also offered as a steppingstone for the students who wish to take their study further. Most pupils who study A-level Chinese will go on to pursue a degree in Chinese Studies at the university or to take A level examinations.

This level of Mandarin Chinese learning will be leading to a strong command of the language at an advanced level. The course will focus on improving students’ creative, comparative, and critical speaking and writing abilities. Students will develop the skills necessary to carry on conversations in Chinese while expressing their opinions on issues related to current events, like Chinese society, politics, economics, education, and different aspects of the Chinese culture.

Learners gain an understanding of how to use the language in a variety of situations. They will be expected to handle texts and other source materials, extracting information to respond to specific tasks. Through their studies, learners can expect to achieve greater fluency, accuracy, and confidence in the language. They will also learn how to translate material from English into the Chinese. After studying A Level, students will have a more advanced conversational ability and will be able to progress either into business or further education using the language.

The full A-level is made up of 3 exams taken at the end of the second year of study. Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation, Paper 2: Written response to works and translation and Paper 3: Speaking. Therefore, we have designed an exclusive teaching syllabus that will assist the student who wishes to sit the A-level Chinese  examination and being able to provide them with large amount of exercises that enable them to achieve at least A result in the exam.

As the only UK examination expert in Chinese A-level, our Chinese lesson is taught by native speakers who obtain high qualification in teaching languages. With previous teaching Chinese experience in the UK independent schools, the teacher obtained with the high qualities teaching materials, sources, and qualities to deliver high exceptional Chinese learning experience.

Teaching Team


  • Our team of teacher posses with the follow qualification and experiences:

  • Years of teaching Chinese language both in the UK and in China

  • Native in Chinese

  • Possess higher education certificate from the UK top universities- Master in Education

  • CELTA Certificate

  • Safeguarding and First Aid training

  • DBS Check

  • Teaching Experience in the UK independent school’s Mandarin department.

Aim of taking A-LEVEL Examination


Taking A-LEVEL examination, you will:


1) Receive a higher level of world-class qualification in Chinese Language proficiency

2) Exposed to a wider and deeper range of subjects, covering culture, law, economics, environment and many more. 

3) Familiar with the Chinese poems and songs.

4) Communicate fluently in Chinese, read Chinese words and articles, write essays independently and possess high understanding through listening. 


Universities that accept A-Level Chinese result


United Kingdom: Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College London, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Bath University, Manchester University, Loughborough University, Leeds University, Bristol University, and other UK universities


Canada: University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Queen’s University, University of Western Ontario, Laurentian University, Mount Allison University, Trent University and other Canada universities. 


Australia: University of Sydney, Australian National University, University of New South Wales University of Western Australia, Monash University, University of Wollongong, University of Melbourne, and other Australia’s universities. 


New Zealand:  University of Auckland, Massey University, Lincoln University, University of Waikato, Manukau Institute of Technology and other universities. 


Ireland:  Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Maynooth University, University College Cork, Galway College, University Dublin College, University of Limerick, Dublin City University, and other universities. 


Singapore:  National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and other universities. 


Hong Kong: All Universities  


South Africa: All Universities 


United States of America: Most of the USA’s top universities need SAT results, but most of the schools accept A-level results which can be redeemed for credit at USA universities.

Teaching Quality of A-LEVEL Chinese course


Yan Academy A-level courses focus on delivering high level and intensive Mandarin language learning to a more professional level. You will be able to communicate Chinese fluently, read Chinese words and articles, understand Chinese poems and songs, and possess high understanding through listening. Our exclusive designed programme will help you to enhance the learning of A-level Mandarin in a shorter time frame than usual and passed the exam with distinction.

After Class: Private study advisor, after class supervision, well designed effective assessment after each lesson.


Class Size: 2-4 students, small size class with high interactivity and effectiveness


Satisfaction Guaranteed: After the first lesson, if you find out that the lesson is not suitable for your child, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson that you have attended.

More of our qualities

  1. Outstanding and High Qualities Teaching Professions

  2. Exclusive and Well-designed Teaching Syllabus

  3. Examination Result Guaranteed (Achieving A -A*)

  4. Pre School Assessment

  5. After Class Personal Supervision

  6. No Space and Time Restriction

  7. 100% Safe Learning Environment

  8. 100% Learning Satisfactory Guaranteed.

Our collaboration with the client schools


We had two Chinese teachers from Yan Chinese Academy for work experience. The teachers contributed positively to our little community and were very passionate and enthusiastic about what they do. Our students thoroughly enjoyed their lessons which were of high quality; colleagues in the MFL department also enjoyed their input, sharing resources and ideas etc. We will happily receive more teachers from Yan again. ”

Buckswood School

​Prices & Curriculums
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Free Trial Class

During the FREE TRIAL CLASS you will meet one of our teachers who

will select a suitable teaching program for your future studies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
After the first lesson, if you find out that the lesson is not suitable for you, we will give you a full refund, including the first lesson that you have attended.
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